Energy Treatment

An Energy Treatment contributes to well-being on physical, emotional and / or subtle levels and thus to one’s well-being in general.

Everyone is born with a self-healing ability present in every cell of our body. This is clearly visible when you get hurt in some way. A wound in your skin will be covered with a scab and after some time this will disappears again, with or without leaving a scar. The same applies to non-physical injuries. By a final farewell for instance, the ‘pain’ will soften after a while and as soon as you can accept that the situation is as it is, this ‘injury’ will disappear as well.

An energy treatment stimulates and supports the self-healing ability of (the cells of) your body, resulting in more resilience, strength and flexibility. You will be able to move through life with less effort, more relaxed and with more energy.
There may be circumstances in your life where your self-healing ability will no longer be nourished and might even become exhausted, reducing your ability to recover from trauma and stress.

An energy Treatment can help!

Energy is the most fundamental building block of life, but like the air we breathe, most people can not see it. Energy flows through everything and creates everything. Even our thoughts, emotions and words have power. It is only a difference in the vibrational frequency of energy that separates material and immaterial; like water moves from solid ice in a lower vibration, to a liquid and then to steam at higher vibration.
Our personal energies are a delicate balance and we can become ill or “do not feel well” when our energy flows becomes disrupted or blocked. This energy imbalance can be caused by both internal and external factors.

A typical treatment session consists of the following procedure:
Discussion with the client, collecting details and gaining an understanding of why they have come to see me.
The Energy treatment itself. For most of the therapies, the client will be lying down on a massage table, remaining fully clothed (except for shoes) throughout the process and is free to stop the treatment at any stage.
Feedback and review following the treatment.

I work intuitively and every treatment will be customized for the unique needs and highest good of the client. In some cases, a client will need specific healing on one level before the healing to address a particular symptom can occur. For example, if a client’s energy systems are very low and their vitality is low, their systems will first need to be boosted before repair and clearing work can occur. To do the clearing work first would be too much for the client and their systems would not be strong enough to cope with the change.

I usually use ambient music and aromatherapy to create a relaxing environment for the client, as I find healing occurs more easily when the client is in a relaxed state. However, the client can request not to have music playing or oils burning during their session.

During the treatment stage, the client may sense the flow of energies with feelings of warmth, coolness, tingling or relaxation. It is quite common for clients to fall asleep or drift off during a treatment. This is normal and allows for deep healing to occur at an unconscious level.

Clients may experience some form of emotional release during a session. This may be anything from a fit of the giggles to tears! Again, this is perfectly normal and should an emotional release occur, it is important not to suppress it. Releasing the emotion enables healing to occur. Emotional releases may also be experienced after a treatment, and again should be allowed to occur without suppression.

On rare occasions, depending on what is going on for the client at the time, they may experience restlessness or resistance to the healing work. It is important to honor this, while recognizing it as a final barrier that the subconscious is putting up to prevent healing occurring. It usually means the client needs to face something or have awareness around something that has been deeply held, but that needs to be released before the client can move on.

Following a treatment, it is very important that the client drinks the recommended daily consumption of water for several days afterwards to flush away any toxins that may have been released. Otherwise it is possible that clients could experience headaches or feel very tired after the treatment. It is similar to the process that occurs with dietary cleanses/detoxes.

Some clients will immediately feel an improvement, while for others the integration of the energetic change may take several days. In the latter case, the client may experience varying emotional states, memories of past events or changing physical symptoms. When this occurs the client is actually “processing” and clearing “stuff” as a result of the energetic changes. This is sometimes referred to as a healing crisis, but it is just the body’s way of releasing what needs to be cleared and to bring our awareness to what we to be let go of and what is no longer benefiting us.

A session consists of a brief intake conversation, the energy treatment and an after-talk about what your experience. Several options are possible.

In my practice
In my practice, you will lie down, dressed but without shoes. You close your eyes, relax and be curious about sensing the process at work. Sometimes you will be touched, sometimes not.

At your home or at different location
If you are not physically able to come to my practice, a treatment at your home or at different location might be better for you. There will be additional costs due to the travel time though. Please contact me.

A remote treatment also works fine and is a good alternative if you are unable to visit my practice.
(The greatest distance so far from the Netherlands was Oregon on the west coast of the United States.)

The answer is that this depends on the nature of the problem and what you want to achieve. Sometimes one treatment will be enough, in other cases several treatments might be required to achieve optimal results. The latter is more likely if you have a chronic (long-term) problem. The same will probably apply if there are multiple issues at the same time that you need help with.
Maybe you want just a one-off treatment for more balance and relaxation, or you might feel that regular sessions would be a better fit to support your process of personal and/or spiritual growth. An energy treatment can appear energetically a bit like peeling the layers of an onion. With each new session we eliminate more and more and we learn a new, healthier way of life and work.
I strongly recommend regular treatment Energy-sessions (with me or anyone else!) as the effects of regularly balancing your Energy are exponential, mutually reinforcing and complementary; it keeps you in top condition and leads to profound and lasting changes in your life.

An Energy treatment session takes about 40 to 50 minutes.
The first session will take about 60 to 75 minutes. Besides the treatment we take ample time for intake / introduction.

1x Energy treatment session of 40-50 minutes: € 69,-

series 5x Energy treatment sessions (5% discount): € 327,75 (€65,55 per session)

series 10x Energy treatment sessions (10% discount): € 621,- (€62,10 per session)

Younger than 18? You will get a 20% discount on the rates above.

A series can be used by different people.
Series are valid for up to six months after purchase, remaining credit expires. After usage you always receive an email with the remaining balance.

Cancellation or change
Cancellation or change of the appointment is free of charge up until 24 hours before the appointment. If canceled within 24 hours before the appointment, the full amount will be charged because it will not be possible for me to offer your reserved space to someone else.

Including VAT
All rates include 21% VAT